Anti-racism in European Football: Fair Play for All

European societies have long been tarnished by racial discrimination, and the game of football is no exception. With immigrants arriving from former colonies, European Union member-states, and third-world countries, integration in these two societies has been ascribed significance across the continent. Considering that the conduct of football fans in stadiums reflects—to a certain extent—society as a whole, this book examines the impact of racism upon the popular game.

Anti-Racism in European Football provides a critical assessment of the campaigns and related policies of organizations that work to understand racism in football. It explores what has been achieved by the organizations’ campaigns, the problems they encountered, and how these were overcome. In its focus on the work that anti-racism organizations carry out, this book’s original contributions should appeal to professionals in football-related NGOs, and students and scholars working in social science fields related to racism and sport.

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Christos Kassimeris is the Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at European University Cyprus