Globalizing Greek Society: An overview of immigration to Greece

The purpose of this paper is to assess one of globalisation’s immediate effects on
Greek politics and society. Although Greece was, more often than not, considered as a
country that had long suffered from massive trends of emigration until very recently,
the post-Cold War era found her battling against immigration and the ensuing
consequences of this phenomenon. Flows of immigration to Europe are hardly new,
particularly, when considering that the European Union supports the concept of
‘movement of population,’ though not to any perverse extents. In the case of Greece,
nevertheless, local authorities and the society alike have found it difficult to come to
terms with the new realities dictated by globalisation. It is the intention of this paper
to illustrate the phenomenon of immigration in Greece immediately after the collapse
of communism in Europe.


Christos Kassimeris is the Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at European University Cyprus

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