Greek foreign policy and the western alliance: From commitment to independence

This paper examines the troubled relationship between Greece and the western alliance following the collapse of the military regime in Athens and the invasion of Cyprus. U.S. Congressional reports and the Greek parliamentary proceeding reveal the geopolitical significance of Greece to the western alliance and the frustration of the government in Athens regarding its foreign policy objectives. The Greeks might have questioned the benefits of being part of an alliance; however, it is evident that Greece’s diplomatic isolation compelled her leadership to strengthen her links with the western camp.Hence, the present studyassessestheattitudeoftheGreekgovernmenttowardtheAtlanticalliance and the US over the issues of NATO membership and the military installations in Greece and challenges the notion of ‘‘independence,’’ or else the need for detachment from the western alliance.


Christos Kassimeris is the Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at European University Cyprus

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